3D profile measuring system for stacked tires


Automated tire documentation system

The TSC enables the fully automatic tread depth detection and abrasion analysis
of stacked vehicle tires. At the same time, high-resolution images of the tires
of the tires & rims are generated, which are used to automatically capture
of all relevant tire data. By means of an extended
condition documentation, it is possible to obtain full documentation of the tire
documentation of the tire condition. Finally, the
information is automatically exported to an existing merchandise management system
system and made available for further use

StackedTireProfiler groß

3D tire tread measurement incl. recording of tire data

  • 3D tire tread pattern
  • Automatic profile depth determination
  • Automatic profile wear analysis
  • Automatic tire data acquisition

  • Extended condition documentation
  • Picture of wheel and tire combination
  • Tire season documentation
  • Rim type Documentation


  • Max. Height of tire stack: 1400 mm

  • Max. Tire width: 400 mm
  • Max. tire diameter: 830mm

  • Max. Weight per tire: 40kg

  • Scanning time: ~90 seconds
  • Max. Tread depth: 50 mm

  • Export data format: XML / JPG / PDF

  • Laser class: 2 M / red line laser