Digital tire / vehicle documentation

The TireScanMobile mobile application is used to digitally record tire and vehicle information. In addition to the documentation of the general tire condition, TireScanMobile allows the automated recording of all relevant tire data using artificial intelligence. Furthermore, general vehicle information can be documented, whereby the input is facilitated by automatic license plate and VIN recognition. The possibility of image documentation of existing damage to the entire vehicle rounds off the documentation options of TireScanMobile. Finally, the recorded data can be exported to an existing inventory management system.

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Hand scanners, calipers or even the naked eye are still the tools of choice for many vehicle workshops and fleet operators when it comes to assessing tire quality. However, these procedures take a lot of time and carry a higher risk of measurement and transmission errors. The recorded data is often initially recorded by hand and only later transferred manually to the ERP system for digitization, which can lead to further errors creeping in.

GL Technology GmbH recommends using the “TireScanMobile” mobile app to reduce the effort and time pressure on staff. With the help of the menu-guided application and AI-based object recognition, it records the tire model quickly, without confusion and automatically stores all relevant information digitally. Using the extended condition documentation, other important details, such as existing tire or rim damage, can also be documented. The user also has access to automated license plate and vehicle identification number recognition to simplify the recording of vehicle data.

The recorded information can be imported directly into a connected merchandise management network completely independently of other systems, or optionally combined with the tire profile measurement solutions StackedTireProfiler, TireScanStation or SingleTireScanner.