3D profile measuring system for stacked tires


3D profile measuring system for tire and wheel stacks

The StackedTireProfiler is a stationary, laser-based 3D profile measuring system that makes it possible to record the tread depths and tread wear on complete wheels or tires in a contactless, digital and automated manner.

Due to its design, the STP allows profile measurement on several wheels or tire stacks. Following the profile measurement, the TireScan evaluation software analyzes the recorded profiles, automatically indicates any irregularities in the tire profile, and finally issues a meaningful service recommendation. This can be defined separately for each tire or in summary for the entire vehicle.

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With optionally available extensions, it is also possible to digitally document further wheel and tire condition characteristics, such as existing damage to the tire sidewall.

Furthermore, the TireScanMobile application enables detailed image recording of the individual wheel/tire combinations, as well as separate recording of tire information directly on the vehicle. This ensures convenient and complete documentation of the vehicle tires to be recorded.

Finally, the information obtained is graphically processed in the form of a PDF protocol and presented clearly and easily understandable for everyone. For this purpose, the TireScan evaluation software uses the familiar color gradation “Red – Yellow – Green”.

The limit values of the respective gradation can be freely defined by the user of the STP.

In addition to the possibility of saving the measurement data locally, the adaptable interface of the TireScan software allows the measurement data to be conveniently and automatically forwarded to an existing inventory management system at the end of each measurement process.

The conclusion of our customers confirms our description of the StackedTireProfiler.
After only a short period of use, our customers tell us that they have noticed a considerable reduction in their workload due to the time saved and the clear measurement data. Furthermore, due to the clear measurement results and the resulting service recommendations, the necessary replacement of the vehicle tires can be indicated at an early stage. In addition, the StackedTireProfiler can be used to generate a larger number of follow-up orders, such as wheel alignment.

StackedTireProfiler groß


  • Max. height tire stack: 1400 mm

  • Max. Tread depth: 50 mm

  • Measuring width: 80 mm

  • Scan time: ~30 Sekunden

  • Format export data: XML / JPG / PDF

  • Laser class: 2 M / red line laser